A Cup of Milk Tea

milkteaWhat could be more simple than ordering a cup of milk tea?

After a few months of being restricted to cafes with picture books as menus, I began to rue the loss of my eloquence as I could only point to things I wanted with a childlike, “这个”(zhège: this one) and “那个” (nàgè: that one). Feeling like an idiot soon became a bore.

So I decided to expand my vocabulary range using café menus as my textbook. One morning I decided to take the plunge and order a milk tea… properly. As I waited in line, I looked up the words I thought I would need: Continue reading

Foreigner Faux Pas: Too Many Words (2)

Continuing on from the last article where we dealt with the tempting trap of adding too many articles and too many ‘的’s to your Chinese sentences, this article will look at how to whittle your sentences down to sheer succinct masterpieces, just like a real native speaker. Continue reading