What makes you feel ALIVE?

A marketing campaign I created for a wellness centre in Hong Kong called Alive Wellness. Taking a cue from the company’s name, I came up with the concept: “Feel Alive” to promote the end goal of the services on offer, i.e. to enable clients to feel their best holistically.

Personal Interaction

To bring an element of personal interaction to the thus far one-sided approach to marketing, I started with the question, “What makes you feel alive?” This was written on a white board in the centre for people to add their statements to. This created a buzz in the centre and clients enjoyed leaving their mark.

We then re-created what was written on the whiteboard in a time-lapse video and posted it on the website and Facebook:

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At first SIP

April 2016. An ad I wrote for a restaurant’s new affordable lunch menu. They asked for a personal tone for the article. I also took most of the photos. The restaurant’s name is SIP. The article was published on WeChat.

At first SIP

I have a sip of water and take a moment to savour my surroundings. My friends are chatting about the holidays just gone by and smooth jazz music joins their sentences. A fleeting aroma of fresh citrus and herbs billows up from the open kitchen. It is getting late in the afternoon and the humdrum streets of China on the other side of the glass seem worlds away. We are finishing off the last remains of a sumptuous and satisfying lunch at Xiamen’s latest sensation: SIP Wine Boutique.

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A Taste of Europe

July 2015. An advertisement I wrote for a food and craft market in Xiamen. I created the theme for the event and wrote this and other articles to promote the market. The images were provided by the businesses being advertised. All I was given was the name of the business and the product they will be selling. I created this content for them. It was used as a preview to the market and received 865 views.

A Taste of Europe

A craft market featuring European food – coming up Friday 10th July…

Come by after work and try out some European specialties you didn’t even know were available – right here in Xiamen. Take a taste tour of the continent without having to step foot off this little island. And of course there will be lots of handmade and imported products to see and buy, as well as a slideshow featuring scenes of Europe by photographers in Xiamen.

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