What makes you feel ALIVE?

A marketing campaign I created for a wellness centre in Hong Kong called Alive Wellness. Taking a cue from the company’s name, I came up with the concept: “Feel Alive” to promote the end goal of the services on offer, i.e. to enable clients to feel their best holistically.

Personal Interaction

To bring an element of personal interaction to the thus far one-sided approach to marketing, I started with the question, “What makes you feel alive?” This was written on a white board in the centre for people to add their statements to. This created a buzz in the centre and clients enjoyed leaving their mark.

We then re-created what was written on the whiteboard in a time-lapse video and posted it on the website and Facebook:

Facebook Posts

We made images from what clients wrote to post on Facebook, tagging each client respectively to make that online connection without selling anything. This helped to make the centre feel more personal to clients and was a great way to interact without selling anything. It also helped to lighten the serious mode of the previous marketing that was based on selling therapies for deep emotional or physical problems.

With each post I wanted to generate the soft identity of the brand and tied it back to the company with this blurb:

At Alive Wellness we are all about supporting you to be the best you can be. We offer natural, holistic therapies to restore your well-being, workshops for self-development and spiritual exploration and a community of like-minded people to support you in achieving your goals.

We all know that feeling of being fully alive, fully awake, energised and joyful, that feeling of being fully ourselves. It is important to add more of what makes you feel that way into your routine – the little joys in life can make all the difference.

We had more than 30 images we posted out once or twice a week and they proved popular. Here is a small selection:

mel aliveJade_dancingJohn_takingcareCindy_combatGuilaine_laughingPhilippa_swimmingCreate_SusanKC_artAlice_heal


Campaign Video

To tie it all together, I worked with a colleague Jade Park to do live interviews with clients and venue renters of the centre for this video. We used the centre’s icon “Alive” to emphasise the brand and tie it back to the centre and posted it on the website.


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