A Taste of Europe

July 2015. An advertisement I wrote for a food and craft market in Xiamen. I created the theme for the event and wrote this and other articles to promote the market. The images were provided by the businesses being advertised. All I was given was the name of the business and the product they will be selling. I created this content for them. It was used as a preview to the market and received 865 views.

A Taste of Europe

A craft market featuring European food – coming up Friday 10th July…

Come by after work and try out some European specialties you didn’t even know were available – right here in Xiamen. Take a taste tour of the continent without having to step foot off this little island. And of course there will be lots of handmade and imported products to see and buy, as well as a slideshow featuring scenes of Europe by photographers in Xiamen.

A taste of what is to come….


Yes we know about their pizza and their pasta, but have you ever tried real Italian gelato? There is something about gelato that will make you forsake all other ice-cream and swear allegiance to it’s chilly deliciousness for as long as you will live.

Il-Belgelato will be scooping out summer in a cup – the perfect remedy to this sweltering summer heat, so get in line for your fix!


Czech Republic

All you meat lovers are in for a treat: when it comes to meat, the Czech know what they are doing. Tables laden with all things stewed, roasted, smoked, braised, marinated, dried and cured – can you picture it?

If that has your mouth watering, you’ve got to try Prague Cafe’s handmade smoked sausage – made with imported spices and fresh pork and perfectly blended by Chef Michael to attain the authentic flavour of his hometown.



A delightful blend of fresh Mediterranean spices and a particular fondness for cured meat, Portuguese cuisine never fails to pack a powerful punch of flavour on your tongue.

The chefs of Comi Restaurant will be plating up some of their favourites just for you, so make sure you get there while there’s still some left!



If you have ever been to Brittany you will know how important crepes are to French people. Morning, afternoon and night they seem to be continually flipping and wrapping these thin delicacies and stuffing them with anything from cheese to cherries.

La Cote d’Amour brings you this specialty from western France, topped with homemade caramel sauce, so sweet it will remind you of the French childhood you never had.



As Chinese are known for their chopsticks, Germans are known for their beer. Ranking top three in the world for beer consumption, Germany even has an annual festival dedicated to it. Glugged by the barrel or sipped by the glass, it is a brewable art steeped in culture.

Amoy Brau are the genuine article: real German beer brewed by real German brewmeisters – you will not get more German than that.



‘Hearty’ is the word most commonly used to describe Ukranian food, and with such a plethora of meat, pastries, bread and cheese, it’s not hard to see why.

Holy Burger is launching a new line of beef burgers and homemade sausages and they promise to be an exciting new flavour for the burger-hungry of you out there. This is the first time they will be available in Xiamen so don’t miss out.


And so much more…

A night food and craft market? Yes please! Don’t worry, we promise there will be no stinky tofu.


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